Safeguarding Policy (March 2021)

Odd Numbering

The appendicies are named/numbered in accordance to the conventions of the overall URC appendices nomenclature, in which many have been created, destroyed, and merged over the years – as such the identifiers of the 13 appendices are not A – M or 1 – 13. To see the overall URC’s Safeguarding policies follow this link :

Reading the Policies

The policies may be read:

– On this page in the embedded pdf’s (to turn the pages use the arrows in the bottom left of each embedded pdf)

– In your browser (by clicking the hyperlink above the embedded pdf, which opens the file in a new tab – this allows for more options when viewing)

– Download the policy pdf’s by clicking on the download button to the right of the hyperlink and above the embedded pdf.

Main Policy | Staplehurst URC Safeguarding Policy (Good Practice 5) 2021